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Planning Department

The Planning Department works with residents, landowners, and developers to review proposed development actions and implement thoughtful development that reflects the community’s needs and desires as outlined in the Comprehensive Plan.

The Planning Department is responsible for reviewing development proposals, in conjunction with the Engineering Department, to ensure compliance with Town plans & policies, such as the: Comprehensive Plan, Land Use Code, Final Transportation Master Plan, Master Drainage Plan, and other Planning related Documents. In addition, development proposals are reviewed by Utility Agencies, Water and Sanitation Districts, Ditch Owners, Poudre Fire Authority, and the Timnath Police Department and Poudre School District (PSD).

As the Town of Timnath continues to grow, the Planning Department looks to plan for Timnath’s future while thinking about today.

Contact Information

Scott Robinson, Community Development Director, [email protected]
Matt Blakely, Community Development Consultant, [email protected]
Kevin Koelbel, Principal Planner, [email protected]
Logan Graves, Senior Planner, [email protected]
Chad Kemper, Planner II, [email protected]
Lindsey Jones, Planning Tech/GIS Analyst, [email protected]

For general inquiries:
970-224-3211 x 5

Development Under Review

See a list of projects currently in progress in Timnath.


Development Map

This interactive map shows you where all the current development projects are located.


Understanding the Planning & Zoning Process

Learn more about the steps required to development property in Timnath.


Important Documents

Development Resources

Ready to Submit? Start Here!

Step 1: Instructions

  • Before starting your Accela Application, please identify the appropriate Development Application type above.
  • Thoroughly review the Application Form and upload the required documents as stated—upload documents to Accela with appropriate names as outlined in the Naming Convention.
  • If you don’t have a Fee Agreement, one will need to be completed and submitted with your application. Click here to download the Fee Agreement Form.
  • All initial applications require an application fee as identified on the Development Application Form. In addition, a Fee Agreement deposit may also be required. Contact the Planning Department for the appropriate deposit amount.

Step 2: Application Submittal

Step 3: Review Process

  • The Town will inform you of a complete application and submittal package, including payment of fees, and will begin the review process pending acceptance of the submittal.
  • You will receive instructions from the Planning Department for the remainder of the process.

Public Hearing & Neighborhood Meetings

Planning and Zoning Maps