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Finance Department

The Finance Department for the Town of Timnath is responsible for all of the financial and accounting operations for the Town. This includes accounts receivable, accounts payable, sales tax, payroll, purchasing, financial reporting and more.

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2022 Budget

Watch our video for a brief overview of the budget and our priorities for the coming year.  For a more in-depth breakdown, we’ve also provided a detailed 2022 Projected Budget PDF that breaks down revenues and expenditures.

Transparency and Accountability

Review financial documents from past years.

Financial Audits

Every year, the Town of Timnath is audited by a credible, third-party organization to ensure our accounting standards are in line with best practices and state and federal requirements.

2021 Financial Audit

2020 Financial Audit

2019 Financial Audit

2018 Financial Audit

2017 Financial Audit

2016 Financial Audit

Timnath Capital Improvement Plans

Capital Improvement Plans outline major, often long-term investments in infrastructure, facilities, parks, etc.

5-Year Capital Improvement Plan – 2022

Town Budgets

By Colorado State statute, every Town budget must be balanced, meaning we can only spend as much money as we collect from revenue.

2021 Town Budget

2020 Town Budget

2019 Town Budget

2018 Town Budget

Timnath Development Authority Budgets

The Timnath Development Authority (TDA) is a separate entity from the Town. It has its own budget and governance. The Town Council also acts as the TDA Board.

2022 TDA Budget

2021 TDA Budget

2020 TDA Budget

2019 TDA Budget

2018 TDA Budget