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Metro Districts

What Are Metro Districts?

A metropolitan district, or “metro district,” is a special district and a local government unit authorized by Colorado state statutes, including the Special District Act (Section 32-1-101, et seq., C.R.S.).

Metro districts are organized to finance public improvements necessary for development to occur and provide ongoing operations and maintenance of certain public improvements. There are thousands of metro districts throughout Colorado and several in Timnath. While a metro district is a separate and independent entity, the Town Council reviews and approves the service plans for metro districts located within town boundaries.

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Town of Timnath Metro District Information

The Town of Timnath conducted several public meetings to examine the role of metro districts in our community and help build an understanding of their governance, structure, and financing.

Metro Districts 101

Topics: purpose and formation, meetings and transparency, powers, revenues, and advantages


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Metro Districts 101 Presentation

Metro Districts 201

Topics: governance and structure


Metro District 201 Presentation
Metro District 201 Video

Metro Districts 301

Topics: debt authority, types and limitations


Metro District 301 Presentation
Metro District 301 Video

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Serratoga Falls Metropolitan District Nos. 1 and 3

Serratoga Falls Metropolitan District No. 2

South Timnath Metropolitan District Nos. 1-2

Southwest Timnath Metropolitan District Nos. 1-4

Timnath Farms North Metropolitan District Nos. 1-3


Timnath Ranch Metropolitan District Nos. 1-4
970-699-3611 ext. 104
[email protected]

Trailside Metropolitan District Nos. 1-5
970-699-3611 ext. 104

Wildwing Metropolitan District Nos. 1-5
970-699-3611 ext. 104