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Why is broadband important, and what are we doing about it?

A high-speed, high-capacity, affordable network will have numerous important positive effects on our community. High-speed internet access is necessary for much of our day-to-day lives. It impacts regional commerce, education, health, and cultural enrichment and aids in countless conveniences and efficiencies in our lives.

On March 28, 2023, Town of Timnath staff provided an update on the broadband feasibility study to the Timnath Town Council during a study session. During the presentation (click here to see the presentation), Town staff shared results from the Broadband Services Letter of Intent process, including their intent to continue to build a relationship with Pulse for broadband services.  

Background on broadband in Timnath:


Why is the Town of Timnath seeking a broadband service partner? 

As part of the Town of Timnath’s 2021 resident survey, internet service opportunities were identified as a priority to achieve the goal of upgrading essential infrastructure. In 2022, a master plan for broadband implementation was developed. Identified in that plan was the opportunity to partner with local municipal broadband providers.  

What are the next steps/ when will construction begin?

2023 will involve the initial planning phase focusing on design, pre-construction preparations, and the permitting process. This work is to begin immediately. The construction phase will begin before the end of the year primarily focusing on constructing main network feeder paths.

How is this being paid for in my neighborhood?

For the initial phase of capital construction, the Town of Timnath will be using existing Capital Improvement Funds to fund.

What can I expect with Pulse construction?

At the onset of construction, we will send homeowners a construction introduction letter (view a sample at and place door tags to announce our arrival and create awareness about the process.

Pulse has opted to install the utility infrastructure in the front-of-lot utility easements. Pulse uses directional boring techniques which are minimally invasive compared with the open trench technique that is used in other areas.  During construction in neighborhoods, residents and businesses will see:

From the time Pulse kicks off construction in a neighborhood until service is live tends to be six to nine months. When service becomes available in a neighborhood, Pulse will reach out to let community members know in a variety of ways, including email, door tags, and direct mailings. 

To receive updates about Pulse service in Timnath, enter your address at

Where will Pulse be constructing first?

Pulse will be working with the Town of Timnath to identify a rollout plan. More information will be shared once available. 

When will Pulse internet be ready for me?

From the time you see construction begin in your neighborhood until service becomes available in your area is approximately 6 to 9 months. Construction is anticipated to start as early as this year with services being available the first half of 2024.

To receive updates about Pulse service in Timnath, enter your address at

What services will Pulse provide Timnath?

Pulse is set to provide a comprehensive range of services to both residential and business customers, encompassing internet, Wi-Fi, TV, and Voice. Learn more by visiting

I live in Timnath. How can I stay up to date on Pulse’s progress?

We encourage you to visit and enter your address to receive email updates on Pulse progress in Timnath and service activation notices directly to your inbox.

Why are Loveland tax-payers assuming the cost of expanding utility service areas outside the City of Loveland?

Loveland tax-payers are not assuming the cost of expanding the network into the Town of Timnath. You may also be interested to learn that Pulse is a City of Loveland Enterprise utility. That means the construction of the Pulse network, and service on the network is paid for only by those using the service.  No City of Loveland tax-payer monies are used to build Pulse within Loveland, or within other communities.

About Pulse: 

Pulse delivers multi-gigabit internet, whole-home managed WiFi, streaming TV, and voice services to Loveland, Colorado, and surrounding areas. Established in 2018 with a mission to make high-speed internet available to every home and business in Loveland, Pulse has built the fastest, most reliable fiber network available locally. As a community-owned utility focused on service and technology, Pulse excels in providing exceptional customer experiences. Visit to learn more.