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Development Projects Under Review

Below is an up-to-date list of the current development proposals in various stages of the review process.  You can also view the projects on an INTERACTIVE MAP.  

Please Note: Concept Reviews are high-level, conceptual reviews that allow applicants/developers the opportunity to discuss ideas and potential issues with staff before submitting a formal Development Application. There is no approval or denial of conceptual plans at this level; applicants must submit a formal application to proceed with development.

Sign NumberProject NameRecord NumberLocationDescriptionDocumentsHearing Notice
N/ADutch Bros Coffee Concept ReviewCR-2024-0005Lot 1, Block 1 Gateway Timnath SouthConcept Review for an approximately 920 square foot coffee shop with a double drive-thru and walk up window. Click for Submittal InformationN/A
28Timnath South Minor SubdivisionMS-2024-0001Property located north of the Greeley No. 2 Ditch and West of Larimer County Road 3. Minor Subdivision application to subdivide approximately 69 acres to create a Tract along the Greeley No. 2 ditch. Click for Submittal InformationTBD
N/AG-Que Barbeque Concept ReviewCR-2024-0004Lot 2, Block 1 of Ladera Final Plat.Concept review application for a G-Que Barbeque proposed for the Ladera Development. Click for Submittal InformationN/A
N/ARespite Care Concept Review CR-2024-0003Lot 8, Block 2 Ladera Fil. No. 2Concept Review application for Respite Care to provide short-term care for families & children with developmental disabilities, proposing an approximately 19,000 square foot building on a 2.5 acre lot. Click for Submittal InformationN/A
274120 3rd Ave. Rezoning RZ-2023-00044120 3rd Ave. Timnath, CO Rezoning application to rezone 4120 3rd Ave from Old Town Residential (R-1) to a Business (B) zoning designation. Click for Submittal InformationTBD
17In-N-Out Burger Site PlanST-2024-0001Lot 1, Block 1, Ladera Fil. No. 2Site Plan application for an approximately 3,860 square foot In-N-Out Burger restaurant with a drive-thru on a 1.6 acre lot. Click for Submittal InformationTBD
N/AHarmony Senior Living Community Concept CR-2024-0002Lot 1, Harmony 2nd Fil., 2nd AmendmentConcept Review application for 148-unit assisted living and memory care facility, located on the east side of the Harmony Subdivision. Click for Submittal InformationN/A
N/ATrailside Multi-Family Concept ReviewCR-2024-0001Lot 1, Block 2, Rendezvous Filing No. 1 Concept Review application for a multi-family project proposing the same number of units on a lot that was previously approved in 2022 for an age-restrictive senior housing development. Click for Submittal InformationN/A
22LaQuinta Hawthorn Inn and Suites ST-2023-0005Lot 3, Block 2 Ladera Fil. No. 2Site Plan application for a 4-story, 130 room hotel with associated pool and amenities on a 1.09 acre lot. Click for Submittal InformationTBD
18Whitewing Variance Request VA-2023-00015536 E. County Road 40Variance request application for relief from the Land Use Code Section 6.6.2B in regards to street layouts for the proposed development. Click for Submittal InformationTBD
30Ladera Final PlatFP-2023-0003Property southeast and southwest of Weitzel Street and Swetsville Zoo Road. Final Plat application proposing the creation of 12 commercial lots and two tracts. Click for Submittal InformationClick for Public Hearing Notice
55Riverbend Poudre River Trail Easement Vacation MA-2023-00104801 Signal Tree DriveApplication to vacate a portion of the existing Poudre River Trail easement, now that the trail has been re-aligned. Click for Submittal InformationTBD
16Bellco Credit Union Site Plan ST-2023-00034625 Weitzel Street 4B Timnath, CO Site Plan Application for an approximately 3,369 square foot Bellco Credit Union. Click for Submittal InformationN/A
40Harmony 2nd Filing, 2nd AmendmentMS-2023-0002Northeastern corner of Harmony Road and Club Drive. Minor Subdivision application to create two tracts of land with Commercial Mixed-Use (CMU) zoning designation.Click for Submittal InformationClick for Public Hearing Notice
81Walker Annexation AX-2023-00035925 E. Harmony Road Annexation application to annex the Walker Manufacturing property, approximately 56 acres, into the Town of Timnath. Click for Submittal InformationTBD
81Walker PD Overlay RZ-2023-00055925 E. Harmony Road PD Overlay application to permit existing uses and expansion within the Town of Timnath under the Industrial (I) zoning designation. Click for Submittal InformationTBD
81Walker Zoning RZ-2023-00065925 E. Harmony Road Zoning application, concurrent with the Annexation, to zone the Walker Manufacturing property as Industrial (I) within the Town of Timnath. Click for Submittal InformationTBD
32Ladera AnnexationAX-2023-00015000 SE Frontage RoadAnnexation application for approximately 184 acres to be annexed into the Town of Timnath for future commercial and residential development. Click for Submittal InformationClick for Public Hearing Notice
32Ladera Rezoning RZ-2023-00025000 SE Frontage RoadRezoning concurrent with the Annexation, to establish a zoning designation of Regional Commercial (RC). Click for Submittal InformationClick for Public Hearing Notice
32Ladera Planned Development Overlay RZ-2023-00035000 SE Frontage RoadPlanned Development Overlay to modify dimensional criteria from the Land Use Code, for the additional 184 acres proposed for annexation into the Town of Timnath. Click for Submittal InformationClick for Public Hearing Notice
99Timnath Landings 9th Fil. Minor Subdivision MS-2022-0003Timnath Landings 1st Fil., the western corner at the intersection of Signal Tree Drive and Second Avenue. Replat of Tract H, from the approved Final Plat for the 1st Filing of Timnath Landings. Click for Submittal InformationTBD
45Timnath South 3rd Fil. Preliminary Plat PP-2022-0003East of Three Bell Parkway and south of Summerfield Parkway. Preliminary Plat proposal for 273 residential units based on the previously approved Amended Sketch Plan for Timnath South. Click for Submittal InformationTBD
54Chick-fil-A Site Plan Modifications ST-2022-00044531 Weitzel Street Timnath, CO 80547Application for modifications of the Site. Click for Submittal InformationN/A