Summer BBQ & Movie Night

June 2nd, 2017 Timnath Community Park

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The Town leases Timnath Reservoir for the enjoyment of Timnath residents and their guests only.  All guests must be accompanied by a Timnath resident pass holder.  Whether Boating, fishing, swimming, or picnicking we hope you’ll make the Reservoir a regular part of your life in Timnath.

“Shore Use” passes are issued by the Town to all current residents at no charge.  Activities such as operating a motorized or non-motorized boat, fishing from a boat, water skiing and swimming from a boat, require assorted “Surface Use” passes and permits.  These permits and passes are available to Timnath residents for a fee.  For your convenience, application can be made, and fees paid, online.

Below you’ll find answers to Frequently Asked Questions, the online boating permit application, and an outline of the current policy/rules for use of Timnath Reservoir.


Buddy Boating Rental for Timnath Residents

Want access to a motorized boat on the Timnath Reservoir, but you’re not ready to commit to purchasing, storing and maintaining a motorized boat? Try renting one with Buddy Boating, LLC instead! Council has just approved the ability to rent motorized boats for Timnath Residents use at the Timnath Reservoir. Buddy Boating is a membership based boating group that allows approved members access to well maintained and late model boats.

In becoming a member of the Buddy Boating program, you will be required to take a training class on safety and boat operations. All reservations will be made directly with Buddy Boating, LLC ahead of the day for usage. Buddy Boating, LLC will deliver and unload the boat at the Timnath Reservoir, and then retrieve the boat on the same day of the Reservation. This Policy is only valid for the remainder of the 2017 Boating Season and will be reevaluated as part of the 2018 Reservoir Policy Update.
You may inquire about rentals directly with Buddy Boating LLC