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Do You Love Timnath?

Let’s be honest, Timnath is pretty awesome: the parks, the trails, the events, the people! There are a lot of things that make Timnath the best community in Northern Colorado (okay, we might be a little biased).

How about you? Do you love living in Timnath? Share your favorite thing about living in Timnath on the form below, or get social with us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter! Don’t forget to tag your post with #IloveTimnath so others can follow along!

Celebrate Timnath

There are a lot of good things happening in our community!

Over the past few years, the Town of Timnath has been working hard to create a community where we can all thrive and enjoy!

Built a cost-effective AND state-of-the-art Timnath Police station without raising taxes. Now, we have the facility we need to build towards a local, fully operational Police Department that operates 24/7. MORE

Completed construction of the Timnath Community Park to include an area for dogs and brand new pickleball courts! MORE

Completion of the Poudre River Trail and preserved open space. MORE

Revised metro district policies and disclosures ensure Timnath residents understand where their property taxes go and the services they fund. MORE

We’ve made some big improvements around town, including Harmony Road Phase 4, Bus Grove, Three Bell Railroad Crossing, Prospect Road improvements and realignment, and Weitzel Street extension to County Road #5.

The Town refinanced debt to save more than $1 million that can be used to fund the services residents need and enjoy.

Investing in affordable, fast broadband services in response to resident and voter feedback. MORE

Tell us what you love about Timnath!

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