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Reservoir Permits

Permitting for the Timnath Reservoir.

The use of the reservoir property is available to properly permitted residents, future Timnath residents, Colorado anglers, and their guests. The property is owned by the New Cache La Poudre Reservoir Company and is leased by the Town of Timnath for recreational purposes.

Get your reservoir permit by clicking the appropriate options below!

Please note: if you have applied, but have not yet received your permits, please show reservoir attendants the confirmation email if you wish to use the reservoir.

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I am a Resident
Any person that resides within the current Town of Timnath Municipal boundaries. This includes property owners, renters, and business owner
I Live in Timnath’s GMA
Any person that resides within the current Town of Timnath Growth Management Area (GMA) - outside of Town of Timnath Municipal Boundaries. This includes property owners and renters.
I’m a Colorado Angler
Any non-Timnath resident or non-GMA resident that has a valid/current Colorado Parks & Wildlife Fishing License.