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Working for the Town of Timnath has so many benefits.


WHAT IS CEBT? Colorado Employers Benefit Trust (CEBT) is a self-funded, governmental multiple-employer trust that provides employee benefits for up to four hundred and twenty (420) public entities, with over 35,000 employees and dependents covered in the state of Colorado. The CEBT plan offers health, dental, vision and life coverage to the participating groups. Through their employee portal, Town employees can elect their benefits during open enrollment or if a qualifying life event occurs: CEBT Portal

WHAT ARE THE ROLES OF UMR, KAISER, CVS CAREMARK, DELTA DENTAL AND VISION SERVICE PLAN (VSP)? CEBT has contracted with these managed health care companies to provide claims processing and provider network access:

UMR provides third party claim payment services and access to the UHC provider networks for CEBT members who have medical coverage.  Employees who have elected and EPO3 or EPO4 plan can access through their portal medical benefit payments, reauthorization, and claim history: UMR Portal

Additional services that come with the EPO 3 & 4 plans:  Teladoc, Healthcare Bluebook, SurgeryPlus, and Omanda, and UMVER Cancer Resource Services Program

CVS Caremark provides pharmacy payment and access to their provider network for CEBT members who have medical coverage using the United Health Care provider network.  Employees can access their portal: CVS Caremark Portal

Kaiser Permanente provides the claim payment services and access to their provider network for CEBT members who choose Kaiser Permanente for their medical and prescription drug coverage.  Employees who elect coverage through Kaiser can access through their portal medical benefit payments, preauthorization’s and claim history:  Kaiser Portal

Additional services that come with the Kaiser Permanente plan:  Kaiser Telemedicine, Kaiser Calm App, and Kaiser myStrength App

The Town of Timnath is pleased to offer CEBT Health & Wellness Centers – Marathon Health for the Town employees.  There are several locations employees can access care at: Widefield, Rifle, Glenwood Springs, Gypsum, Loveland, and Greeley.  It is free to employees, spouses, and the dependents ages 2 and older who are on the CEBT medical plan.  They are eligible to use the virtual and in-person services provided at any CEBT Health & Wellness Center.

Delta Dental of Colorado provides third party dental claim payment services and access to their Dental PPO and Premier networks.  Employees who have elected dental coverage can access claims history, preauthorizations, and plan design through their portal: Delta Dental Portal

Vision Service Plan (VSP) provides the vision payment and access to their provider network for CEBT members who have vision coverage.  Employees who have elected vision coverage can access claims history, preauthorizations, and plan design through their portal:  VSP Portal

The Town of Timnath offers a Cafeteria 125 plan through Core Admin FSA & DCAPCore Admin EE Portal Orientation

The Town of Timnath offers voluntary supplement coverages through AFLAC which include Accident, Cancer Protection, Critical Care, Hospital Vision, Dental and Short Term Disability “STD”: AFLAC

The Town of Timnath offers all Town employees a wellness benefit (LSA) through Benafica.  Employees will receive $50/mnth taxable reimbursement for wellness related items.  Employees who decided to participate can access their accounts through the Benji portal:  Benafica Portal

The Town of Timnath offers Triad EAP (Employee Assistance Program) benefits brought to you by CEBT. An EAP offers safe and confidential resources to help employees work through personal and professional challenges.

Watch this short video now to learn more about Triad EAP – it really is short and helpful!

Our benefits will include confidential, short-term, solution-based mental health counseling to all benefited members as well as their spouse or domestic partner and dependents 26 years old and under. You have access to six free counseling sessions per incident annually through this benefit to assist with various life issues such as:

Relationship issuesGrief, loss or trauma
Drug or alcohol dependenciesGrief, loss, or trauma
ParentingLegal and financial issues
Work-related stress managementImproving work-relationships

We also have legal and financial benefits available. You have access to a free 30-minute consultation with an attorney as well as online tools such as Will Building software and hundreds of articles in the law library. Free telephonic financial coaching is also available to help you with budgeting, debt consolidation, and much more.


PERA: The Town employees do not contribute to Social Security, instead we currently participate in Colorado PERA. A percent of your total salary is deducted and transferred to the proper retirement plan where it is credited to your individual member account. Additionally, the Town contributes a percentage of the payroll to the retirement plans.

Click on any one of the below links for more information regarding PERA:

PERA:  Member Account Web Access: Fact Sheet



New DB PERA Member

PERA DC Plan Overview


Pre-recorded Webinars

Live Webinars

Mission Square Plan 457 The Town also currently offers this retirement investment program in which employees are allowed to defer money pre-tax into a retirement investment account. Full-time employees are eligible to participate and may enroll at any time.  For more information click on the link:  Mission Square

The Town of Timnath offers a Town sponsored Life AD&D plan and voluntary Life insurance benefits through the Standard.

Other Benefits Offered


The Town offers an Educational Reimbursement Plan


The offices of the Town are closed on certain days of historic importance, and the Town currently pays eligible employees for time off on these days. Holidays currently observed by the Town include the following: New Year’s Day (January 1), Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Birthday (3rd Monday in January), President’s Day (3rd Monday in February), Memorial Day (Last Monday in May), Independence Day (July 4th), Labor Day (1st Monday in September), Thanksgiving (4th Thursday in November), Thanksgiving Friday (the Friday following Thanksgiving Day), Christmas Day (December 25th)

Paid Time Off

The Town encourages employees to take time off for rest and recreation. Employees earn paid Vacation Time for this purpose. Employees who are on Administrative Leave will not earn Vacation Time during leave.

  • Vacation time – Accrues as follows:
    • 0-1 yr. 3.69 hours per pay period for an annual total of 96 hours (12 days)
    • Each year thereafter, eight hours will be added annually until the maximum of 320 hours annual has been reached
    • Annual vacation cap equals the annual vacation accrual
  • Sick time – Accrues as follows:
    • Accrues at 4 hours per pay period for full time employees at an annual total of 104 hours (13 days per year), up to a maximum of 1,040 hours (26 weeks)
    • Accrues at 2.6 hours per pay period for all other employees up to a maximum of 48 hours
  • Bereavement Leave

Job Opportunities

Interested in joining our team? Check out our job opportunities!

Equal Opportunity Employer

The Town is dedicated to the principles of equal employment opportunity. The Town prohibits unlawful discrimination against applicants or employees on the basis of age, race, gender (regardless of gender identity or gender expression), sexual orientation, color, religion, national origin, creed, disability, military status, genetic information, pregnancy, or any other status protected by applicable state or federal law.