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Do You Love Timnath?

September 18, 2023

Let’s be honest; Timnath is pretty awesome. The parks, the trails, the events, the people! There are a lot of things that make Timnath the best community in Northern Colorado (okay, we might be a little biased).

How about you? Do you love living in Timnath? Share your favorite thing about living in Timnath on the form below, or get social with us on FacebookInstagram, or Twitter! Don’t forget to tag your post with #IloveTimnath so others can follow along!

Join us at our Fall Festival where we’ll be giving away free promo items and photo booth photos at the Town of Timnath booth! Click here for event details.

There are a lot of good things happening in our community! Read more about recent improvements and projects at

Tell us what you love about Timnath!

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