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Timnath Introduces New Road Signage in Rural Areas to Foster Safety Among Cyclists and Drivers

April 22, 2024

To enhance road safety in Timnath, especially along its rural routes where bike lanes and wide shoulders are scarce, new road signs remind motorists to give bicycles 3 feet of clearance. The initiative comes as part of a broader campaign to raise awareness and educate both cyclists and drivers on how to coexist safely on our roads. Most importantly, be patient and cautious and give plenty of space while passing bicyclists.

Here are some more valuable tips for cyclists and drivers, inspired by recommendations from Bike Colorado and Bike Fort Collins:

For Drivers:

–  Maintain Safe Distance: Ensure at least a 3-foot clearance when passing cyclists, even if this means having to cross a double yellow line when safe to do so.

–  Pass Safely: Only overtake a cyclist when the oncoming lane is fully visible and free of traffic. If conditions don’t allow for a safe pass, wait until they do.

For Cyclists:

–  Communicate Clearly: Always use hand signals at least 100 feet before turning, merging, or stopping, provided you can do so without compromising your control over the bike.

–  Be Visible: Starting from dusk or in poor visibility conditions, equip your bike with a white front light, red rear reflector, and side reflectors to ensure you’re seen by others.

–  Position Wisely: Ride side-by-side only when it doesn’t disrupt the normal flow of traffic. This can make you more visible and shorten the time drivers need to pass. However, always be prepared to ride in a single file if necessary.

–  Use the Lane Appropriately: Stay in the right third of your lane when safe, but don’t hesitate to use the full lane to avoid hazards, make visible turns, or when passing.

For more detailed safety tips and guidelines, road users are encouraged to visit the websites of Bike Colorado( and Bike Fort Collins( These resources offer extensive information on coexisting safely and respectfully, ensuring that our roads are safe for every user, whether on two wheels or four.

The new signage in Timnath represents a step forward in our collective journey towards safer roads where everyone can travel safely and with peace of mind.