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Police Facility

A New Building to Meet Community Needs

We have heard multiple times that public safety is one of the top priorities of our residents. With this goal in mind, it’s especially important to allow for a future police building that is designed to be functional and can accommodate the growth of the team over the long term.

Police Facility Grand Opening

On December 8, 2022 our community gathered for the grand opening of the new police facility at 5601 E Harmony Rd. We had a ribbon cutting, speeches from Mayor Mark Soukup and Police Chief Terry Jones, and building tours.

About the Facility

The building design includes important features:

  • Room for additional officers and staff
  • Necessary space for evidence storage
  • Evidence processing area
  • Interview rooms
  • Patrol Briefing area
  • A designated, camera surveilled area for Court ordered Parental Child exchanges and for CRAIGSLIST or EBAY private party transactions.
  • Processing and short-term detention area