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Answering Questions: Potential Topgolf Development

May 31, 2022

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about a potential Topgolf development.

Here’s what we know:

Topgolf may be coming to Timnath, but nothing has been formally submitted to the Town. Town staff has had discussions with the landowners and Topgolf about the potential of a project, but Topgolf and/or the developer would be best to answer any further questions. It should be noted that the Town has no direct authority over to whom the landowner (in this case, Ladera) sells its property.

• Following a visit from Topgolf at Timnath Town Center, an executive session was held in late 2021 to discuss a potential development and incentive possibilities.
• On December 17, 2021, the Town of Timnath sent a letter to Topgolf, signed by Mayor Soukup, detailing potential incentives the Town may consider, with the caveat that full approval by the Timnath Town Council will be required to finalize any offers.
• To date, no application has been filed by Topgolf. The town does not currently have any plans to review.

The Town of Timnath Development Process ensures that new projects align with our Comprehensive Plan and include public input. The process honors public procedures and strictly adheres to state laws. As there has been no formal submittal to the Town, the Development Review process has not begun. You can stay up-to-date on all development projects under review by subscribing to our “Development Under Review” e-newsletter, which details public hearings, submittal documents, and more.

What is the location of this potential project?
Topgolf is considering a location within the Ladera development project located south of Costco, north of Kechter, and west of CR-5. This location is along the I-25 commercial corridor and could accommodate a significant retail development such as Topgolf. It would be consistent with Timnath’s Comprehensive Plan designation of Regional Commercial and Transportation Plan. Additionally, the reopening of Kechter Road and the planned expansion of Weitzel Street will help accommodate additional traffic and improve the flow from Harmony Road.

What is the next step?
As Topgolf has not submitted to the Town a proposal or filing, the Town has nothing to review or consider. The Town cannot take any action until Topgolf makes a proposal or submittal.

Will the town hold a public meeting regarding this development?
The Town’s role is to evaluate the project through the development review process and let the developer and Topgolf present their own information on the project and make their case to the community. The Public will have many opportunities to evaluate the development and provide input.

What incentives are under consideration?
The letter sent in late 2021 outlines a 50% reduction in building and impact fees and a sales tax share back in the amount of 1/3 of 3% for 20 years. As mentioned in the letter, full approval by the Timnath Town Council will be required to finalize any offers.

Does this potential incentive package mean that our sales tax rate will increase?
The Town’s sales tax rate will remain at 3%. However, Colorado statute allows private property owners to assess a public improvement fee (PIF) on purchases. The Town Council and Town voters do not have any authority over the regulation and assessment of private property owner PIF arrangements.

Why are incentives being offered?
Cities and towns commonly use incentives to attract investment and attract a tax base for the future development of parks and roads. The Town Council evaluates each incentive package to ensure that the potential project will bring enough community benefit to warrant the incentive. We will have a Work Session on commercial incentives on June 14.

Why Topgolf and not a grocery store?
In short, it’s not the Town’s decision, role, or authority to dictate to whom the landowner (in this case, Ladera) sells its property. To date, it is the Town’s understanding that a grocer has not shown an interest in purchasing this property.

Where can I go to see any potential project updates?
Once a formal submittal is made to the Town, information will be published on the Town’s website. If you haven’t already, please subscribe to receive development application information at this link: