Over the last week, Xcel power customers in Timnath have experienced multiple outages due to a variety of unusual circumstances this week. As the Town does not provide electric services, nor does it have any regulatory authority over Xcel, we wanted to give residents an overview of the outages and their origins:

Saturday, June 12: An electrical malfunction caused outages and a small fire at Buss Grove and Main Street. It was addressed and fixed that same day.

Sunday, June 13: A downed power line again at Buss Grove and Main Street caused a separate outage. It was addressed and fixed the same day.

Tuesday, June 15: A car accident on Mulberry took down a power pole which caused outages. It was addressed and fixed the same day.

Wednesday, June 16: A windy microburst took down 11 poles on Main Street north of Buss Grove, causing outages. Xcel customers in the region (Larimer County, Timnath, Windsor) were without power from approximately 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday to 10:30 a.m. on Thursday. Seven electrical wires and two fiber communication wires were a part of this outage. Repair crews responded immediately and brought four more crews up from Denver who worked through the night to set 13 new poles.

Thursday, June 17: A transformer at the main substation went offline due to high temps and high demand. Power was restored within a couple of hours.

Electric Services in Timnath
The Town of Timnath does not provide electric services. Power is provided by two separate entities, Poudre Valley REA and Xcel. During these outages, only Xcel customers were affected. That’s why some homes and traffic signals were impacted and others were not (see map below: Highlighted areas are served by Poudre Valley REA).
Excel is regulated by the Public Utilities Commission. The Town of Timnath has no oversight of either entity.

Timnath power provider service map. Highlighted areas are served by Poudre Valley REA.