We’ve heard time and time again how important safety is to the residents living in Timnath. That small-town feel is something that speaks to a safe community where you know your neighbors and trust those living around you.

The Timnath Police Department is here to keep our residents safe. Our officers work hard to ensure that Timnath remains safe for both those who call Timnath home or are here for a visit.

In a continual effort to keep the community safe, the department embraces the community policing philosophy. Community policing is safety through prevention, engagement, partnership and enforcement. Our police officers are encouraged to develop good relationships with community members and local businesses. By fostering positive interactions and keeping the door of communication open, our department is able to better understand what problems exist so they can be addressed.

For the Timnath police department, community policing is put into practice through our school resource officer program in the schools. It is also seen with the recently established assignment schedule for our officers. Each officer rotates their patrolling to different areas of town. As a result, they get to know the key players in these areas. Whether it’s patrolling the Walmart and Costco area, or getting to know the business owners in Old Town, this model work to keep our community aligned with the efforts of the officers. Officers are also encouraged to meet the construction teams in the areas under development. Knowing how the Town is being developed assists in meeting the future needs of the community.

If you ever have any concerns about safety in Timnath or any questions for our officers, don’t hesitate to reach out by using our non-emergency telephone number (970) 224-3224 or sending an email to the Town’s web page form.