When flakes start flying in Timnath, our snow management team works around the clock to keep our roadways clear and safe.  November 27th’s snowstorm packed an extra hard punch, dropping more than a foot of snow in less than 24 hours.

Every snow event is different and we regularly make adjustments to our snow removal operations based on the changing weather conditions to ensure the Town’s roads are properly maintained. With this latest storm, the Town put its Snow Plow Policy into action, focusing on our Priority 1 and Priority 2 streets. This allows us to move the majority of traffic in a safe manner, as well as provide access for emergency services. A breakdown of our street priorities is below:

  • Priority 1 – Primary Arterial Streets (Harmony Road & Main Street)
  • Priority 2 – Remaining Arterial Streets & select Collector Streets (i.e., Three Bell Pkwy, Latham Pkwy)
  • Priority 3 – Remaining select Collector Streets (i.e., Summerfields Pkwy, Club Dr.)

The Town plows Priority 1-3 streets, working their way as time allows from Priority 1, then 2, then 3.The heavier the snowfall, the more time is required to keep Priority 1 streets safe, so the longer it takes to get to Priority 2 streets and ultimately Priority 3 streets.

Local streets, which are primarily located in residential areas, are not typically plowed by jurisdictions in northern Colorado, including the Town of Timnath. A Metropolitan District and/or a Homeowners Association govern most subdivisions in Timnath. The Town allows these entities to contract with licensed and bonded private snow removal companies to plow local streets, if warranted.

Plowing smaller residential streets can cause more issues than it solves. Heavy plowing equipment isn’t nimble and can’t easily move around parked cars, cul-de-sacs or driveway openings, leaving large snow piles behind in unwanted places for residents to clear.

The Town remains fiscally responsible when it comes to the use of snow plow equipment and staff. We have enough plows to manage a typical Colorado storm, but there are some limitations in our capacity when a large storm hits. Then, the plows must be used as effectively as possible to keep primary roadways safe. Our goal with each storm is to take care of the entire road network and plow streets based on priority ranking.