The Town would like to welcome our new Postmaster, Lisa Haas, to Timnath!  Lisa and her husband relocated to Colorado from Ohio (she loves her Buckeyes!) in 2016.  They fell in love with the area while on a two week cross country camping adventure.    “We love the beauty and sunshine, and have really enjoyed learning about Colorado living, where every day feels like an adventure!  I am really looking forward to being a part of Timnath, and am excited to see what lies ahead for this vibrant, growing community.” Said Haas.

Background: Her career with the Post Office began in 1997 as a substitute rural carrier. Soon after, she became a city carrier, then a clerk. In 2002 she started learning more about the management side of things as a supervisor. In 2008 she was awarded her first Postmaster position. Over the course of her career, she’s worked in many different offices, and since coming to Colorado has been able to work in several detail positions for the Colorado/Wyoming district.

“So many folks have already been in to say Hello and have made me feel so welcome. I love the small town feeling, and strong sense of community.”  Said Haas.  “If you have any questions, Josh, Bayley, and I are happy to help with your shipping needs . . . that’s why we’re here!”