The Timnath Police Department is excited to welcome two new police officers, Chuck Richards and Chad Morgan.

Officer Richards served 13 years with the Colorado State University Police Department, and Officer Morgan served 17 years with the Colorado Department of Parks and Wildlife and three years with the Colorado State University Police Department.

Both officers have already received high praise from colleagues and the community. While in the field during training, each officer had the opportunity to demonstrate the high caliber of their character.

For example, a distraught parent was notified by their child that their other child, who is autistic, was at Walmart and acting out of the ordinary. Before engaging with the young man, Officer Morgan made it a point to reach out to the parents to find out the child’s trigger points to create a positive interaction. The parents were amazed that he had the forethought to contact them first and noted their appreciation of Officer Morgan’s empathy, compassion, and professionalism.

Officer Richards conducted an investigation on a hit and run. The victim of the incident was very wary and afraid of the police. The individual came into the police department to report the event. Based on Richards’ ability to communicate effectively and demonstrate professionalism, the victim left with a completely different and positive perception of police.

In a ceremony at Town Center, both officers were accompanied by their families as they were sworn in.

Welcome to the Timnath Police Department, Officers Richards, and Morgan!