Like most cities and towns in Colorado, Timnath contracts with the county—in our case, Larimer County—for weed management services.

Weed management is crucial for minimizing the weeds and their negative impacts on plant communities, agricultural lands and public corridors. Noxious weeds in particular are important to control as they can spread very easily, displace native vegetation and may be toxic to livestock, wildlife and humans.

Timnath contracts with the Larimer County Weed District to manage weeds on Town-owned properties and on various Town arterial rights-of-way. In this capacity, the County is acting on behalf of the Town.

The Larimer County Weed District has several functions:

  • Assist landowners with noxious weed problems through plant identification, weed management recommendations and development of vegetation management plans.
  • Promote noxious weed education and awareness through community presentations, printed materials and site visits.
  • Manage noxious weeds on Larimer County property and roadside rights-of-way.
  • Enforce the Colorado Noxious Weed Act on non-compliant property owners.

Weed management methods vary according to plant life cycles, infestation size and environmental parameters, and sometimes include preventative chemical measures that involve herbicide application.

Property owners who do not wish for herbicides to be used on their property can request a “Do Not Spray” sign, though they will be responsible for managing the weeds themselves. You can submit a request, access resources and find out more online at