Country fans all over Northern Colorado start their day with Sadie Young. She accompanies them on their commute, is with them during their first cup of coffee or on their morning jog. She always makes them laugh, usually makes them think, and occasionally, offends them. But she’s just being honest—which is one of the reasons why the morning radio show she co-hosts, Scott and Sadie, has been so popular.

“There are a lot of different types of radio personalities and some are sunshine and lollipops but I try to express what I’m really feeling, which resonates with a lot of people. Things like life are hard and I’m tired and today my toddler peed on me.”

Sadie has deep roots in Timnath. Her family lived in Town briefly when she was born, before moving to Wellington, where she was raised. Her father went to Timnath Elementary and farmed in the area for decades. Her mom worked for the local country station, so Sadie grew up on country music, and knew the other radio personalities—including her cohost, Scott James—like family.

“I always like to remind Scott just how much older he is than me,” she said.

Despite being raised in the business, Sadie never wanted to be in radio. She wanted to be a mom and stay home with her kids. But when a spot opened up at the station, her mother encouraged Sadie to interview for the position. She started less than a week later.

The Scott and Sadie Show, which you can catch from 5 a.m. to 10 a.m. on Big 97.9, entertains listeners with trending topics, community news and events, life advice and whatever else Sadie or Scott have been thinking about, like the time her illicit space heater was stolen from her desk, or an argument between she and her husband—very little is off-limits.

“Some people think I share too much. My husband sometimes calls me and says ‘I can’t believe you’re sharing that,’” she said. “I mean, he listens to ESPN so he doesn’t really get it.”

Sadie and her husband, Ryan, have three children—one at Fossil Ridge High School, one at Preston Middle School, and a two-year-old at home. Sadie considers being a mom her primary job, which is why the show’s early hours work for her. She gets to be with her youngest for most of the day and is around after school for the older kids.

The Young’s moved to Timnath from Fort Collins because they wanted the small-town feeling with the benefits of a city (Sadie is a big fan of Target’s delivery service). After growing up on a more isolated farm property, Sadie loves being surrounded by friends and neighbors and having a tight-knit community.

With Northern Colorado being relatively small, it’s not unusual that she’s recognized while out running errands or in line at King Soopers or approached by a fan. As someone who strives for transparency and honesty, Sadie doesn’t mind that.

“I’m the same person on the radio as off the radio,” she said. “It’s an interesting dynamic because people listen every day, so they know about your life, and they feel like you’re their friend because they know what’s going on. I think that’s great.”

When Sadie got started, people were still using MySpace to share music and when the show was over, the job was, too. As a radio host today, she’s expected to be active on social media throughout the day and maintain a blog and podcast. But she doesn’t seem to mind it. She likes that sharing what’s going on in her life helps her followers feel connected and removes the mystique that can come with her job title—though she does occasionally have to ask her 14-year-old for help when learning a new social channel.

Despite being born and raised in the state, Sadie isn’t really your stereotypical Colorado outdoor enthusiast. While Ryan loves getting outside and hiking, she said she would choose watching Dateline in her pajamas over most anything.

“When my husband wants to go for a hike, I think, ‘We could, or we could watch 90 Day Fiancé and it would be just as cool and afterward we wouldn’t be tired.’” (Sadie is a closeted reality TV fan.)

However, they did get a boat this summer and she enjoys spending time out on Timnath Reservoir with her family and friends.

You can listen to Scott and Sadie on 97.9 or catch up on the episodes you missed at