Kate Weinreich has lived in Timnath since 1992 – “back when most of the roads were still dirt!” she says, with a laugh.  Like many of her fellow residents, she came here for the small-town feel and the fresh air.

When the brand-new Parks, Recreation, Open Spaces and Trails (PROST) Committee was formed last year, Kate saw an opportunity to make a real difference in Timnath. She and her fellow committee members are dedicated to improving and preserving the Town’s unique outdoor landscape.

“The character of the Town and quality of life is key to what we do,” Kate explains. “We want to make Timnath a welcoming town, including things for active people to do.  We want to make sure there are open spaces and trails they can enjoy.”

Kate’s position is a voluntary one, but one that allows her to go “behind the scenes” in understanding how decisions are made at a local government level with respect to outdoor spaces. It also allows her to have a voice during the committee meetings, and to represent the needs and the interests of the people of Timnath with each important decision.

“I like the outreach and being able to explain things to people [in the Town] when they have a question,” she says. “I’m able to inform them about these issues.”

Timnath’s PROST Committee is made up of local residents from different neighborhoods as well as a councilmember.  There are fishermen, boaters, and other outdoor enthusiasts – as well as two members who are between the ages of 12 and 18! The variety of ages and backgrounds on the committee ensures that many different interests and perspectives are considered when the committee councils together.

Some of the issues the committee discusses include the reservoir and the surrounding trails. The committee has a goal to develop a connected system of trails that are also connected to the reservoir.

Kate explains that unlike a lot of larger towns and cities, Timnath is still enough of a developing community for the residents to have a real influence on infrastructure and other decisions being made. It’s a large part of what drives her to stay involved, and she is both patient and positive when it comes to the process of working as a liaison between the local government and the people.

“My hope and my vision is that we can begin working on a trail around the reservoir within two years,” she says. “It will get people out into the open space and get them in touch with nature and the beauty that Timnath has to offer.”