John Cloudman is walking, beer-drinking proof that you can’t stereotype computer engineers.

He studied computer and electrical engineering, and after years with Hewlett Packard is now working for Intel, leading teams that develop silicon products and related software. But he doesn’t spend his weekends staring at a screen—far from it. John’s a regular at Timnath Beerwerks and the new dog park, loves to ski and travel, is a lifelong Yankees fan and is always up for some live music. 

“My favorite local spot has to be Timnath Beerwerks,” he said. “Great beer, great environment, top-notch staff. The musical bingo nights there are the best!”

Cloudman was raised on the east coast, mostly in Connecticut. He attended college at Rice University in Houston and moved to Northern Colorado for the job with HP. After 12 years in Fort Collins, he moved with his family to Timnath in 2011. He’s been married for 15 years, and his daughter just started sixth grade at Preston Middle School.

“What we like the most about Timnath is how many friends we’ve been able to make and how friendly everyone is,” he said. “Our daughter has made great friends all around the neighborhood.”

Cloudman has also served on the Town’s Metro District Committee, where he’s committed to helping residents get involved and engaged with their metro district board. 

“The Metro District Committee is a group of motivated residents and developers who want to help town residents understand the benefits and costs of metro districts,” he said.  “I’ve always been interested in the details of how these are organized and operated, and I decided to join to help share that information as well as learn more myself.”

If you’d like to learn more about John or the Metro District Committee, ask him! You can find him multiple times a week at the new dog park walking Hudson, the family’s big rescue dog, or of course, Bingo night at Beerwerks.