Dr. Jason Park of Family Advantage Chiropractic in Timnath experienced many serious medical conditions first hand.

As a young boy, he suffered from colic, constipation, difficulty sleeping, chronic ear infections, asthma, allergies and difficulty learning. His parents followed the traditional medical approach of medications, surgeries, antibiotics and inhalers but nothing seemed to correct these conditions. They just temporarily treated the symptoms.

At 19, a shoulder injury brought him to see a chiropractor for the first time. The doctor not only treated the shoulder—she discovered that he had a full reversal of his cervical curve that she thought had likely occurred many years prior. Park believes it may have been caused by his traumatic birth process or a car accident he was in at four years old.

It was this doctor that explained to Park that chiropractic care isn’t about pain but about how the whole body functions. She also told him about how the nerves in your neck have an effect on your body’s ability to heal, have a healthy immune system, grow, develop and connect with the environment. These same nerves control the drainage to your sinuses and inner ears, which could lead to chronic ear infections, asthma, and allergies—all things Park experienced throughout childhood.

“This is when I knew I wanted to be a chiropractor,” Park said. “I wanted to be able to educate and help families and kids avoid going through similar health struggles that I went through as a child.”

Park has now been practicing for 12 years. He opened his office in Timnath last year after moving here with his wife and three kids in June of 2019.

“We love the Timnath community and how there are so many families living here,” he said. “We felt that this was a town we could see our three children growing up in, a town where you know your neighbors and kids play outside with each other.”

While Park treats patients of all ages, Family Advantage is known for being especially kid friendly. The office features a kids chiropractic table, a waiting area with plenty of toys and games and a wide-open floor plan. While children play in the kids area, parents can enjoy a cup of coffee by the fireplace.

“We are not just treating patients, we are creating a community of families who are choosing to make their health and wellness a priority,” Park said.

When Park isn’t at the office, he enjoys spending time with his kids at their many sporting events, coaching his daughter’s indoor soccer team and spending time outside fishing, trail running and walking his dogs. The Park family takes full advantage of Timnath’s access to Rocky Mountain National Park, and loves spending time hiking in the mountains.

Park recommends chiropractic care for everyone, as he sees it as a way to ensure your nervous system functions at its fullest potential, allowing your body to heal itself. He practices what he preaches—all three of his kids have been receiving care since birth. As one of Timnath’s first chiropractic offices, Park appreciates the opportunity to educate the community about the benefits of chiropractic care.

“I don’t just see these families in the office, I run into them all around town including at the local elementary school, the community pool, the soccer and baseball fields, and the community park,” he said. “It’s really fun to have the kids come up and say ‘Hi Dr. Park’ outside of the office.”