In preparation for a resident survey later this year, the Town of Timnath hosted an Open House event on Tuesday to provide an update on community goals and Town priorities. For those who couldn’t join us, please see below for a quick summary of what you missed!  The 35 presentation boards from the Open House can be found below the summary.


  • The Town of Timnath will spend $33M to provide services to the community.
  • At the end of the year, the Town will have a healthy unrestricted reserve balance of $18M and a restricted fund balance of $4.5M
  • Timnath will invest an additional $30.5M in capital improvements such as roads, parks, and facilities.

Does the Town look beyond just a one-year budget?
State law requires that the Timnath Town Council approve an annual, balanced budget every year. However, as a matter of standard practice, staff prepares a five-year long-term cash flow projection. This year, we also developed a 10-year cash flow estimate to coincide with the expiration of Timnath’s Urban Renewal Area (URA). The projection showed that even in the worst-case scenario (no growth, no increase in revenue, etc.) the Town will remain solvent.

Does the town have any concern that it will be able to pay off the current TDA loan?
In short, no. When the bank evaluated our loan, they concluded that Timnath would be able to pay back the loan with property tax alone as opposed to depending on the more volatile sales tax revenue.

When are TDA loans paid off?
The loan will be paid off in full in 2029. In fact, the loan pay-off was structure to align with the expiration of the URA. Securing a short loan period minimizes the interest paid.


  • Public safety ranked as the #1 priority for the community in the 2018 Resident Survey
  • As Timnath grows, so do the amount and complexity of service calls. From 2014 to 2018, calls/incidents increased 602%
  • After a thorough evaluation of options, expanding the Timnath Police Department provides the most efficient path to achieving 24/7 coverage, better response times, proactive policing and long-term budgeting and planning.
  • A fully-functioning department requires staffing of 20 officers

FAQ: Why do we need a new Police Building and why is it so expensive?
The current Police facility presents a variety of challenges:

  • No room for additional officers
  • No holding cell
  • No interview room
  • Not enough evidence space
  • No armory (safe place to maintain weapons)
  • No vehicle storage
  • No sally-port
  • No drug storage (unsafe ventilation)
  • No forensic evidence capability
  • No refrigeration capability
  • No emergency management response capabilities

Addressing these issues requires a facility that is far more complex (e.g., special ventilation, bulletproofing, access control, etc.) than a typical commercial building space and as a result, the price per square foot is higher than a typical building.


  • The Three Bell Railroad Crossing improvements including sidewalk connections, a controlled crossing with a divided median and signal arms will begin construction in 2020.
  • Also scheduled for this year, the Timnath Parkway project, which is approximately one mile of a two-lane arterial from Harmony Road to Buss Grove Road, will move through-traffic to the east of Old Town and around Main Street.

FAQ: What’s going on with the Walmart parking lot?
The Town is participating with Walmart and eight other property owners and tenants to improve the traffic flow for the Walmart parking lot. This project is on private property and the project is being designed and managed by Walmart. However, the Town is providing coordination and financial assistance because it has been deemed a high priority project by residents.


  • The Town is actively working toward developing a thriving and engaging downtown core as envisioned by the community.
  • As the primary commercial corridor in Timnath, Harmony Road development is encouraged and regulated through design standards, traffic mitigation, and efforts to create a sense of place.

FAQ: Does the Town offer incentives to attract businesses to Timnath?
The Town evaluates economic assistance to each project individually and that assistance comes in different forms (e.g., waiving of fees, cost sharing of infrastructure, etc.). Each request is evaluated on what brings the most benefit the Town and the project.


  • Community events attracted more than 14,000 attendees in 2019
  • The newly established Timnath Foundation builds upon a tradition that nurtures a sense of community and civic pride by providing a mechanism for businesses, philanthropic organizations and individuals to offer financial support to build community connections in Timnath.

FAQ: How much does the Town spend on community events?
The cost of events is less than 1.5% of the overall Town budget. Moving forward, much of that cost will be offset by funding from the Timnath Foundation.


  • The new 10-acre Community Park including turf fields, playground, dog park and plaza space is currently under construction
  • The remaining gaps of the Poudre River Trail connecting Windsor to the I-25 underpass to Fort Collins should be completed in 2021.
  • The Town recently developed a Comprehensive Plan to help guide community and private development to compatibly invest in and build to the Town’s Vision.

FAQ:  Where can I find the full version of the Comprehensive Plan?
The full Plan is available online ( and includes vision statements, land use maps as well as future parks, recreation, trails and open space maps.

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