One year ago in November 2018, Timnath’s first brewery opened its doors, putting the town on the map for thirsty Colorado brewery visitors and creating a downtown hub for residents to gather, connect and unwind.

Timnath Beerwerks is the brainchild of owners Pete Meyer and Craig Miller. Craig had recently moved to town from Fort Collins with his family, and while they loved the area, they realized it was missing something crucial: its own craft beer, and a place to enjoy it with other people.

“Timnath is a close-knit community, and we wanted to create a local watering hole and gathering spot where people could bike or walk to, or stop by on the way home from work—a place to bring the community together and highlight Timnath,” said general manager Valerie Miller (who is also married to Craig). “The breweries that people really respond to have the feel of a local coffee shop, and that’s what we wanted to create.”

When they started looking at potential spaces, the Colorado Feed and Grain building caught their eye and stole their hearts. The grain elevator was built in 1920 to serve the Great Western Railway and Colorado agriculture. Farmers from around the area would bring their onions, potatoes, sugar beets, and other crops to the building for storage and transportation on the next train.

Half of the structure was renovated in 2012 to once again become the hub for local commerce in Old Town Timnath, but the eastern half of the building was relatively untouched. Many, many hours of hard work later, the space was restored and renovated to serve as the new home of Timnath Beerwerks—a space designed to preserve and honor the building’s history while still accommodating a brewing operation and welcoming taproom.

“The space was perfect, but needed some love, so we worked with Brinkman to really open it up and bring it back to life,” Valerie said.

Any given day, there are 14 beers on tap, ranging in taste, color and type but all “true to style”—meaning they match the traditional flavor profile of the particular style of beer. Each one is brewed in-house by their head brewer, Cy Bevenger, who is also an owner, along with Mike Clark.

The brewery brings visitors from all over Colorado and sometimes even out of state. With the rotating food trucks, events like bingo, live music and fundraisers for local nonprofits, they’ve become the community hub they dreamed of, where friends, families and even dogs gather to relax, celebrate, etc.

“There really is something for everyone,” Valerie said. “Timnath has been super supportive and encouraging. For some residents, it’s been a relief that there is a place they can feel comfortable and see neighbors and meet new friends. We’re already looking forward to the next year.”

Timnath Beerwerks will be celebrating its one-year anniversary with a weekend bash November 9-10, featuring live music, food and more. For more information, a beer menu and event calendar, visit