A simple Google search will prove Northern Colorado has no shortage of gyms—from 24-hour, big-box facilities to trendy, boutique fitness centers, it certainly seems like there’s something for everyone. Something for everyone, that is, over four feet tall. 

Starting in January 2020, our youngest residents will now have a gym just for them. The Little Gym, opening in January 2020, is a children’s gym that offers a variety of kid-focused activities like parent/child classes, gymnastics, dance, sports skills, birthday parties and parent nights out. It’s a light-hearted place with a deeply held purpose: to use physical activity as a conduit for nurturing the whole child. 

“We loved the idea of opening our gym in Timnath because of its growing community of young families,” said co-owner Tara Huffman. “Timnath has that sense of a small-town community that The Little Gym deems so important in the development of our kids.”

Both Tara and co-owner (and sister-in-law) Jinger Huffman were active as kids, involved in sports, dance and other group activities. They’ve tried to encourage a love of physical activity with their children (Jinger has two young daughters and a 4-month-old son, and Tara has two boys, ages 3 years and 3 months). Their children attended The Little Gym at another location a few years ago, and the seed was planted—they knew immediately that Timnath could benefit from a similar program.

“When Jinger and her family moved to the Fort Collins area she was in search of something like The Little Gym for her young daughters,” Tara said. “We found there was nothing quite like it in the area and wanted to bring the experience for our children and all children of Northern Colorado.”

The two women have complementary backgrounds that make them a great team. Jinger has a degree in business administration and worked as a CPA for the past 12 years, and Tara has a master’s in education and has taught primary grades for five years. They’ve also added lead instructor Rachel Gould to the team, a Northern Colorado native and former competitive gymnast with a background in early childhood education. 

We consider ourselves the perfect mix,” said Tara. 

Tara knows the Northern Colorado region intimately. She and her husband both grew up in Fort Collins, and decided to move to Timnath to start a family. They love their town and all it offers—they spend most of their free time at the neighborhood parks and pools, and playing with friends and neighbors in the Timnath Ranch North neighborhood. 

We were able to own a home in a town with that small community feel,” she said. “We love the idea of getting to know your neighbors and being involved in the growth of a town all while having access to the amenities of the larger community that we grew up in.”

The Timnath Little Gym will serve families in the area with children ages 4 months to 12 years old and will feature a gymnastics area, lobby and multipurpose dance studio. All of their classes and activities embrace a philosophy of what they call Three Dimensional Learning, where they focus on physical skills, problem-solving skills, and building community citizens.

“We hope that our gym becomes a place in the Timnath community where children and their families go to learn, grow, and build relationships together in a serious fun environment!” Tara said.