The Town of Timnath will be completing road maintenance in the Harmony Subdivision July 14-25, weather permitting. Crews will seal coat the roadways to help reduce aging and degradation and thus, lengthen the lifespan of the road. Maintenance will require road closures, intermittent one-way traffic, and restrictions to on-street parking.  A day or two prior to work beginning on your street, the Town will distribute a flyer to affected homes. This flyer will be a reminder to adhere to closures and move parked vehicles off the road.  A color-coded map indicating which streets are scheduled for work (by date), along with additional important information about the project can be found below.


Club Drive and Bidens Gate Dr. – These major roads will be completed, on separate days, by sealing one side of the road at a time during the day (7 am – 5 pm). The roadway will open to two-way traffic overnight.

Local Roads – Other neighborhood roads may require complete closures and on-street parking will not be allowed for 24 hours (7 am – 7 am) on the day work. Only certain streets will be closed daily progressing through the subdivision.  See the attached map for current plans for scheduled work.

Impact to Residents
Impacts should be limited to a single 24-hour period for any individual homeowner. While any given street is closed, it is important that residents, visitors, delivery personnel, etc. adhere to closures and do not drive on the fresh seal coat. Seal coat is a very tacky black material that will stick to tires and track up onto driveways if not properly cured. Residents should be able to park on adjacent nearby streets and/or on the opposite side of the street and will always be able to walk to and from their homes at any time.

The town will also work with your trash collection agencies to pick up your trash the following day if your road is closed on the usual pick up day. Any police or emergency vehicle will be immediately allowed access as
health, safety, and welfare is always our first priority.

The contractor hired by the town to provide this service (APEX Pavement Solutions) is very experienced at doing this work and is very responsive to questions and concerns while the project is underway. Likewise, the Town Engineer (TST Inc., Consulting Engineers) will be involved on a daily basis. If you should have any immediate concerns, please feel free to contact Steve Humann, Town Engineering Department, at or 970-488-2124.

Thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation during the project.