We all share the responsibility for keeping Timnath’s neighborhoods safe, beautiful and serene. Each season brings its own opportunities to be a good neighbor and resident.
As spring comes into full swing, consider these ideas for respecting our Town code and maintaining good relationships with your fellow residents.

Mind your decibels

Warmer weather brings open windows, more time outside and more daylight—making it a great time for evening events and gatherings. All of these are great things, as long as you keep in mind that noises are easier to hear and much more frequent.
When hosting a social event, keep the music low and try to keep the general noise to a reasonable volume. If you think there’s a chance it might bother your neighbors, let them know about the gathering and give them your number so they can contact you if the noise level becomes a problem for them. This could save you from a noise violation.
Schedule any yard or housework that might include loud equipment during normal hours and avoid early morning and late night.
If you have a dog that you leave home alone during the day, check with your neighbors to see if there have been problems with barking. Initiating a conversation first can save you from having to deal with animal control in the future.
Before buying or installing an air conditioning unit, check the decibel output and make sure it won’t violate Town code.

Float your boat—don’t store it on the street

‘Tis the season when boats and recreational vehicles start coming out to play. Avoid a code violation by properly storing and caring for your vehicle.
Don’t park or store a boat or RV on a public street except for periods shorter than 72 hours.
Avoid using your boat as a second garage. No one likes having a boat load of trash or boxes as a neighbor.
For time periods longer than 72 hours, store your boat or RV in an enclosed yard or building.

The grass is greener where you mow it

Yard maintenance is the property owner’s responsibility. In a typical Colorado spring, that could mean shoveling your sidewalk from snowfall and mowing your grass in the same month. Whatever the elements, it’s your job to keep your yard free from debris, trash and refuse and to keep weeds and grass from growing taller than 8 inches.

Any questions?

Town code and ordinances can be complicated. If you need help deciphering something or have a question for one of our staff, contact Timnath Code Enforcement. We’re happy to help.