As we transition to the warmer months of the year, we would like to remind everyone of some common Code Enforcement violations, and ask that everyone do their part in keeping our community beautiful and safe.

Weeds and Grass

The Town Code specifies that grass heights should not exceed 8” from ground level. Noxious weeds that appear on your property must also be properly removed to prevent aggressive overgrowth into other properties. Not only do these measures help ensure that your property is aesthetically appealing, but it also reduces potential fire hazards and unwanted animals hiding out in the grass.

Parking Restrictions on RV’s, Campers, Trailers and Boats

Parking RVs, campers, trailers or boats in the streets is prohibited and you are allowed only one period per calendar month of up to 72 hours. The keeping of or storage of these items on private property requires they be stored in the back-yard areas, and properly screened from view. However, if you move your vehicle to your street as you prepare to use the vehicle, do not be alarmed if the Code Enforcement Officer posts a Courtesy Notice on your door or camper. This is simply a friendly reminder that you have up to 72 hours to move the unit. If the vehicle remains after the 72 hours have passed, a summons can be issued.

Illegal or Inoperable Vehicles

All vehicles must be fully operable (meaning it starts, stops, runs and drives as it should), and legal (with current license plates, etc.). Vehicles that are inoperable or illegal may be stored within an enclosed structure or garage. You may not store these items within sight. Covering the vehicle or trying to conceal the expiration date is not allowed and it is still enforceable.

Obstructions of the Right-of-Way

Obstructing the right-of-way is a safety issue that we want to ensure our residents are avoiding. One common obstruction we see in Town are portable basketball hoops being left in the street or sidewalk after an afternoon of play, or large piles of rock, sand, etc. that will be used for a weekend landscape project. These obstructions can be especially dangerous with children playing in the streets as cars are passing by, or other residents driving home at night who may not be able to clearly see these items. Please help us to avoid unnecessary accidents by keeping these things in a proper, and safe area.

Keeping these important ordinances in mind will help keep Timnath safe and keep our town looking the best it can. Thank you for doing your part!