In February 2020, Timnath designated an additional snow plow route in your neighborhood as part of a pilot program. Our goal was to remove snow from a higher percentage of school bus routes and to respond to resident feedback. Our original plan was to evaluate expanding the route after the trial period.


A lack of snowfall earlier this year means that we were unable to fully test the pilot program. Our crews only plowed one time. For this reason, Staff will be extending the trial period through the remainder of 2020.

Our goal is to expand on a trial basis to better understand both the positive and negative impacts for both our Timnath residents and Poudre School District (PSD). At the end of the year, the Town will follow up with residents living around the expanded routes and the school district to gather feedback before determining whether or not to permanently add these routes to our snow removal policy.


The Town of Timnath currently plows 71% of all school bus routes. Including these additional roads will bring the total up to 80%. The Town of Timnath and PSD work closely together to identify what routes should be included in our Snow Removal Policy. While PSD does not require snow removal on their routes or had expressed any concerns with the Towns snow removal efforts, the expansion was because we’re always looking for ways to improve service to the community.

In the past, the Town has intentionally excluded certain roads from our snow removal routes due to potential negative impacts including the creation of “windrows” or piles of snow left behind after plowing.

These three particular routes were chosen for the pilot program because snow removal efforts are least likely to cause negative impacts on these streets, and are higher traffic roads than typical local streets


The new routes will be plowed on a Priority 3 level, which means they are addressed after the primary arterials and collector roads. The timing will depend on the severity of the snowstorm – the more it snows, the longer it will take to reach these Priority 3 roads.

Because of the timing, vehicles will already have driven on the roads by the time plow crews can get to them. As a result, the roads will most likely not be brought to bare pavement and may remain snowpacked after plowing. The focus will be to plow a pathway for vehicles, which means crews may not plow curb‐to‐curb. Additionally, there may be circumstances that don’t warrant plowing, only deicing or other snow or ice removal methods.


As mentioned earlier, windrows will be left behind that have the possibility of blocking driveways, sidewalks, and parked vehicles. As the focus is on plowing a main pathway on the pilot roads, side streets may also have a windrow across the end where it connects to the plowed route.

Please keep in mind, it is the resident’s responsibility to create access to your driveways, sidewalks, and vehicles after the plow truck passes by.

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