The 2021 resident survey results are in! Here’s a complete list of what you told us. Thank you all so much for taking the time to tell us what’s important to you about living in Timnath.

  1. Please describe your overall quality of life living in Timnath
Overall quality of life

2.  The following are several services provided by Timnath government. Please indicate if you are very satisfied, somewhat satisfied, somewhat dissatisfied or not at all satisfied.


Service satisfaction: Parks

Timnath Reservoir


Town events


Street maintenance & street sweeping

Snow removal

Community development services

Transportation services

Communication & outreach

3. How important is it to you that the Town work towards offering each of the following for town residents?

Municipal sports complex

Indoor recreation center

4. How interested are you in allocating significant Town resources to the following potential new services?

Improved access to high speed internet and broadband

Timnath library branch

5. How important is it to you for the Town to develop the following park areas, using existing resources?

Develop additional trails at the reservoir

Additional trail construction throughout town

Develop Wildwing Park

Develop the Peanut Park

6. Please indicate how strongly you would support or oppose the following:

Term limits for Town Council members

Contribution limits for Town Council candidate campaigns

7. The Town of Timnath hosts an array of community events.  Please indicate how important each is to you or you and your family.

Large-scale community events

Small-scale neighborhood gatherings

Recreation or activity-based events

Education-based events