We are fortunate to have a growing business community right here in Timnath. We see a growing list of dining, shopping and services in close proximity to our homes. But not only do we get to enjoy the goods and services these businesses provide, when you patronize a Timnath business you are also investing in your community.

Local businesses are the backbone of the economy. They often have deep community roots and involvement in schools, nonprofits and civic organizations. Money spent in Town creates jobs and often generates even more spending within the community. Many businesses in town are owned, operated by and employ your neighbors.

In 2019, the Town received nearly $8.25 million in sales tax revenue. Those revenues help address both the needs and wants that the community has expressed. Sales taxes make up around 40% of the Town’s annual revenue and help fund critical services like road and infrastructure repairs, park and recreation amenities, police services and more!

Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, local restaurants and retailers have modified operations to make it easier than ever for patrons to order online or complete contactless transactions. The creativity and ingenuity of our local businesses allow our town to continue thriving even in challenging economic times.

When you invest in your town you better your neighborhood and support your neighbors. The Town has compiled a list of local businesses that are eager to serve you. Check out the Timnath Business Directory and help support the local Timnath economy.