Just a reminder to all Timnath residents that Town Ordinances require homeowners and property owners to keep weeds and grasses on their property to less than 8” (eight inches) in height Sec. 7-4-30.  Failure to do so may result in fines and reimbursement to the Town for abatement costs Sec. 7-1-120.

If you’re traveling, or plan to be away for extended periods this summer, please be sure to make arrangements for lawn and property maintenance in your absence.

You can now report tall weeds or grasses that need attention in your neighborhood or around town by filling out an Online Complaint Form.   You can also contact our Code Enforcement Staff at: 720-749-1080.

Thanks for helping us make Timnath Northern Colorado’s Premier Residential Community!

Need help identifying and controlling noxious weeds? See the following additional information:

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