Craig Ockers has lived all over Colorado, but he chose to settle and then retire in Timnath when he realized what a unique town it was.

He has 40 years of experience in banking, including community banking. So when the Town formed a much-needed finance committee 18 months ago, he saw an opportunity to make a big difference.

“I saw it as way of bringing Timnath forward when it comes to financing expertise,” he says. “It’s been really fun to aid and assist the town council…as Timnath has grown there’s become more and more needs for financing, including things that are complex and involved.”

Craig and his fellow volunteers on the committee are tasked with several projects and reviewing audit reports prior to Town Council presentations. “We provide them with another set of eyes to review and give our input,” he adds.

Craig has seen a lot of growth in his eight years of living in Timnath. He enjoys working alongside other dedicated volunteers as drivers for sustainable growth and improvement in Timnath– even if the work they do isn’t always obvious to those “on the outside.”

“People could drive through Timnath and think it’s small,” Craig says, “but when you’re on the inside and see the degree of involvement there is, just how many parts and pieces there are, it’s quite an eye-opener. There’s a lot going on.  You still have to do everything the big towns do.  And since we don’t have the staff available, we have people who wear lots of hats and it’s pretty seamless for the most part.  Our volunteers do a good job.  It’s very coordinated.”

In his free time Craig enjoys golfing and fly fishing, as well as riding his e-bike with his wife. Even though he’s retired, he’s very dedicated to helping set up Timnath to flourish for years to come.

For the past 18 months he and his colleagues have worked hard on organizing the committee to be efficient and well set-up for newcomers. The next challenge he anticipates working on is learning more about the town’s real estate holdings and development process, so as to help the Town of Timnath grow sustainably.

Craig feels lucky to be volunteering alongside people similar to him: “Even here in Timnath there’s a diverse group of people with financial backgrounds who like to help.  It’s taking advantage of resources that are here right in the community.”

But he also wants to make sure he acknowledges the efforts of those on the Town Council, who in his view work just as hard if not harder. “Our town council people spend so much time and energy,” he notes. “I hope the town of Timnath appreciates that kind of involvement, since it’s also a volunteer job.”