Due to the construction happening on Buss Grove (County Road 40), the entrance to the Timnath Reservoir will need to change periodically. Additionally, throughout the construction of new improvements at the Timnath Reservoir this summer, access to using the reservoir will be maintained, but it might look slightly different.

You can still drive to the Reservoir site using Main Street (County Road 5) and Buss Grove. Access from Latham Parkway or Biden’s Gate to Buss Grove will not be available until later in the summer when the improvements to Buss Grove are further along.

Once you get on the Reservoir property, access to the trails and water will be maintained but occasionally redirected. Please make sure to follow the signage on-site and/or follow the directions from the on-site Reservoir Attendants to find appropriate access points and parking. Remember, use caution while on-site and moving around the construction areas. Thanks for your cooperation and understanding!