October 24, 2018
Public Safety Standards, Expectations, and Investments –
Timnath continually invests in the people, processes, and equipment that help make the town a safe and welcoming place to live

The Town of Timnath has received formal notification that two of our officers were personally accused of alleged misconduct. These unfortunate allegations serve as an important reminder of the importance of fairness, equity, respect and trust in public safety.  We take these allegations very seriously, and act prudently and timely with a reminder that they are still allegations and not proven facts at this time.  One of the officers named in the complaint, Forrest Anderson, is no longer employed with the Timnath Police Department as he resigned effective October 23rd.

Timnath is a very safe, thriving community, and the council and management leadership are very dedicated and committed to continual investments to maintain a high quality of life including safety, our community deserves and expects.

We hold our police officers to the highest ethical standards and behavior. With every complaint, we promptly launch a comprehensive investigation to uncover the facts. That investigation is still ongoing.  We rely on evidence, documentation, and sworn testimony. If a violation of department policies or standards is found, we accept responsibility for our conduct, take immediate action, and hold ourselves accountable. We constantly strive for improvement and we continuously promote a culture that treats all people with respect.

To ensure we’re giving our officers the tools they need to keep our community safe, we ensure appropriate ongoing training and education for police employees. From

de-escalation techniques to tactical skills, we’re committed to preparing our Police Department for all situations. We encourage positive engagement at community events not only for safety reasons, but also to promote healthy community relationships because we recognize the importance of an involved police department in the community it serves.

In a recent citizen survey, Timnath residents ranked public safety as their highest priority; the Town agrees that safety is a critical component to a healthy community. The Town of Timnath and the Timnath Police Department will continue to invest in the people, processes, and equipment that help make our town a safe and welcoming place to live and visit.

As part of that commitment, in 2019 as in prior years and future years, budget resources continue to be allocated to increase our officer count as we strive for increased service protection.  We have also included the purchase and implementation of body cameras in early 2019, as we see the value to equip every officer and incorporate the use in our procedures as an additional resource to protect both our citizens and officers.

We want our officers to be a positive part of our community and highly regarded as great role models through their interactions in the town, with our neighbors, residents, visitors, and schools, and create and maintain the environment of trust we strive to build and sustain for our community.