As residents, you have told us time and again that you value public safety. As a tight-knit community, we believe that we play a role in keeping Timnath safe. That’s why our council has committed to making significant investments in our Police Department this year.

One of the largest changes our department will see is a new police building. Last year, we took the necessary steps to begin the preliminary design work for this space. This year, we expect to begin construction on this new space, which will be located next to the existing Poudre Fire Authority building. This investment in our department will give them a permanent home that they can grow into for years to come.

In addition to the new space, we plan to grow our department by several officers in 2020. This additional staff will allow our department to move towards 24/7 coverage by our Timnath police officers and increased police service protection for the residents who reside and visit our Town.

Many communities our size are not able to afford their own police staff and as a result they contract the services. Our Town is fortunate to have a professional and effective department that works daily to provide the community feel that our residents desire. We continue to partner with the Larimer County Sheriff Office to provide dispatch services, and other mutual aid when there is an emergency, or additional officers are needed. As with most of the communities in our area, our Town will most likely always have a mutual aid agreement with the Sheriff’s Office.

Last year, the Town initiated a national executive search for an exceptional, experienced leader as our next Police Chief. Until then, we’ve appointed Terry Jones as Interim Police Chief, a highly respected, experienced, 35-year veteran of the Aurora Police Department. Jones also assisted the City of Fort Collins as their interim Chief of Police while they conducted a professional search for their current chief.

Jones’ appointment and the resource investments we’ve made are critically important as we continue to grow, and will improve service and response while building strong, positive connections with our community.