At the May 14, 2019, meeting, Timnath Town Council adopted Resolution 27 setting forth updated rules and regulations around public comment at public meetings.  The purpose of this resolution is to provide a safe space for Town Council, Planning Commission, the Timnath Development Authority Board and the residents who attend these meetings.

Our goal as a Town is to provide our residents with a safe atmosphere to provide input. We want to hear from you, and these rules put policies in place to ensure that everyone who wishes to speak has the opportunity to do so, is recognized by the applicable board and has the undivided attention of that board. At the same time, these rules provide our boards with guidelines to follow to ensure each individual who speaks is held to consistent standards and can expect a predictable, respectful experience.

If you are planning to speak at a future Town meeting, ensure that you are familiar with these requirements prior to attending:

  • Prior to addressing any of the Boards, make sure you sign in on the sign-in sheet made available.
  • If you plan to provide written materials to accompany your presentation, please provide them to the Town Clerk or responsible staff person 24 hours in advance to distribute to the board. This will ensure that the Board has time to review the written materials. If written materials are not submitted prior to the meeting, the Town requests that the person distributing such materials include a brief summary of them during his/her public comments.
  • When speaking at a meeting, all remarks made to the Boards shall be only after the speaker is acknowledged by the presiding officer.
  • If the speaker wishes to utilize an electronic recording device at a meeting, they are requested to provide at least 48 hours’ notice before the meeting to the Town Manager. Recording devices may only be placed in areas such that no disturbance will be created, at the full discretion of the Town Manager.
  • When you attend a public meeting, you should not disrupt, disturb, or otherwise impede the orderly conduct of any public meeting in any way that obstructs the business of the meeting. Disorderly conduct includes signs, placards, other visual disturbances as well as noise (including applause), and any other disturbance that the presiding officer or manager finds to be a disturbance to the orderly progression of the meeting. Disorderly conduct also includes failing to obey any lawful order of the presiding officer to be seated, leave the meeting room, or refrain from addressing or approaching the council.
  • No attendee may make threats or other forms of intimidation to or against any person in the meeting room.
  • No attendee may approach the governing body unless specifically requested or authorized by the presiding officer.
  • When attending a meeting, unless you are addressing the Boards or entering or leaving the meeting room, be sure to remain seated in the seats provided. This helps the Town maintain the fire code occupancy limits and allow for safe exit.
  • When attending a meeting, do not stand or sit in the aisles or doorways. The doorways should also not be blocked with objects or equipment.
  • When attending a meeting be sure to silence your cell phone, pager, and other electronic devices to prevent disruption at meetings.
  • Do not attend any Board meeting in a state of intoxication caused by the person’s use of alcohol or controlled or prescription substances.
  • Remember that possession of weapons, including firearms, knives, explosives, etc. are strictly prohibited, at the Town Center or Town Buildings, and at all public meetings, and shall constitute immediate grounds for removal and arrest.
  • If you fail to adhere to any of the Rules of Conduct it will constitute as grounds for immediate removal from the meeting at the direction of the board, its presiding officer, or the manager.

If you have any questions you can contact the Town Manager at (970) 224-3211or by email at [email protected].