Residents who notice suspicious activity should always immediately report their concerns to the Timnath Police Department.

The Timnath Police Department is tasked with keeping our community safe, but in some instances observant and astute Timnath residents aid them. This was the case on Wednesday, May 8, when one resident noticed suspicious behavior in their neighborhood and immediately reported it to the police department, resulting in an arrest.

This instance involved an individual stealing recently delivered packages, a crime that has been dubbed “Porch Piracy.” Using a front door camera, this resident noticed a male individual driving a gold van stealing a package that was recently delivered. The next day, they noticed the same van driving around their neighborhood and immediately called to report this suspicious individual to Timnath’s Police Department.

“We appreciate our residents remaining vigilant and contacting the police when they see suspicious activity,” said Sergeant Robert Wynkoop. “It was thanks to the immediate report that we were able to catch this individual so quickly.”

Residents who notice suspicious activity should always report their concerns immediately to the police department. Directly contacting the police is the best way to communicate with your local law enforcement; it’s much more effective than posting observations or concerns on Facebook or NextDoor. If the police department doesn’t know that residents have concerns, they are unable to stop a crime that may be taking place.

If you would like to report a potentially suspicious individual or incident, you can contact the police department at 9-1-1 for emergencies, or 970-416-1985 for non-emergencies.