Timnath is known to be a safe community, both for those who live here and those traveling through Town. In order to ensure everyone’s safety, it’s important to do your part both when you’re behind the wheel and when you’re outside your car.

Next time you’re driving through Timnath, keep these important tips in mind to keep those around you safe.

Watch Your Speed in Neighborhoods

Neighborhood roads aren’t just for driving. These roadways can also have young bicyclists, pedestrians and children at play. That’s why it’s especially important to practice extreme caution in these areas of Town.

Make sure that you are not exceeding the posted speed limit and that you’re watching for neighborhood activity. As you come around corners, do so slowly and exercise caution. It’s also important to not tailgate slower drivers in these areas; if they come to a sudden stop, you could cause an accident.

If you’re alert and not driving at an excessive speed, most accidents can be easily avoided.

Check Twice for Bikes and Motorcycles

We share our roads with others using different modes of transportation. Motorcycles can be tough to see, especially when they’re in a blind spot. Make sure that during the warmer months you’re checking twice before changing lanes and being mindful of the vehicles around you.

Bicyclists also frequent our streets, especially during the summer season. Make sure to keep your eyes open and check twice before turning. If you’re traveling in one of our neighborhoods, watch out for kids at play on bicycles.

Pedestrian Safety

In Timnath, drivers must yield to pedestrians so keep your eyes open when driving through our heavily-trafficked areas. If you’re driving near a school during drop off or pick up times, keep your speeds slow for small walkers going from home to school. And always check twice if you’re approaching a crosswalk in Town to make sure that there are no pedestrians crossing!

Remember that once you step foot outside your car, your role changes from driver to pedestrian. As such, remember to check for cars before entering any crosswalks or before crossing any intersections, and avoid j-walking, or crossing the street in unmarked areas.

Safe Driving in Timnath

We take pride in Timnath being a safe place, and it’s up to all of us to keep it up. Following the posted speed limits and staying alert of those around you are two great ways to ensure the safety of those not only in your car, but everyone on Timnath’s streets.