The Town’s annual budget reflects the priorities of the community and the goals developed by Town Council. The budget not only serves as a financial plan but is also as a tool for accountability.

The budget development process spanned roughly six months and includes opportunities for residents to provide feedback before it was formally adopted on December 8.

We have full confidence that the Town has approved a sound and fiscally conservative budget aligned with the goals set by our community.  Below are a few highlights; you can view the Town’s complete 2021 Budget online.

Public Safety

Public safety continues to be a high priority for the Town, and this year we will begin the construction of a new police building in a fiscally responsible manner.  The Town selected a Town-owned site on Harmony, reducing additional land cost to the Town. The new building for the police department will align with the Town’s long-term goal to be a 24/7, fully-functioning police force by 2022.

Parks and Recreation

Timnath just completed our beautiful Community Park located off Summerfields Pkwy, which offers exceptional outdoor amenities. In 2021 we will continue to build on our recreational opportunities with investments in the Timnath Reservoir, trails and parks.


We’ve dedicated a significant portion of the Town’s annual budget to infrastructure projects, including improvements to our local roads and intersections, particularly Buss Grove starting east of County Road 5. In 2021, we plan to update our Transportation Master Plan, a document that will help plan for our community’s future. We have also dedicated funds to a Town-wide street sweeping program, maintaining our roads and improving the Weitzel Street intersection.


Town Council is committed to ensuring Timnath is a great place to live, now and in the future. For the first time, we’ve increased our working reserves to 50% of annual expenditures totaling nearly $6.3M, meaning that we’re saving more money than ever before. 

Fiscal Stewardship

Over the last year, and even into 2021, the Town will continue to reduce contracted positions and bring more staff positions in-house. This is more affordable, and the 2021 budget reduced over $400,000 of expenditures for services from 2020 and eliminated $500,000 of deferred compensation arrangements.

Building Community

The elimination of contracted positions in favor of in-house staff allows the Town to continue building an organization with invested and integrated people into the community. Together, as a team, we can and will accomplish great things.

As your Mayor, I’m excited for the year ahead and look forward to continuing to serve this community.