Update 10/11/19 – Connell Resources would like to thank you for your patience while improving Main Street.  We are planning on paving next week and below is the tentative schedule of activity – dependent on weather and crew availability.

Traffic has been shifted from the temporary detour back to Main Street.  There will be no on-street parking available until the completion of the project.  One-lane traffic restrictions will be utilized during working hours to complete the construction.

Friday, October 11 & Saturday, October 12

  • Crews will be completing sidewalk and other concrete work adjacent to the road.
  • Due to the forecasted overnight temperatures, the concrete will be blanketed for a minimum of 3 days after it is poured.  Please stay off of the blanketed concrete until it is uncovered.

Week of October 14

  • Milling operations, full length of project.  Traffic will be restricted to one lane during milling.  Driveway access will be available, depending on location of milling equipment.  The mill will not be moved to provide immediate access, so there may be a delay to get into/out of your driveways.  Please plan according.

Wednesday, October 16 – Friday, October 18

  • Asphalt patching and paving is tentatively scheduled for this time.
  • Vehicle access to property in the work area will not be available during paving operations – from the time the tack is applied to after the asphalt has cooled sufficiently.  As specific times cannot be predicted for when access will not be available, please have any vehicles that will be needed during the day out of the work area prior to start of paving (approx. 7:30 am).
  • Parking will be available on 2nd, 3rd, Dixon, and Sugar Trail.  Access to the side streets will be limited at times as paving progresses.  Please follow the direction of traffic control staff to avoid driving on tack or hot asphalt.

 Week of October 21

  • Crews will be working on property restoration & connecting residential walks & driveways to the new sidewalk.

Please be alert when walking or driving thru the area.  This is a construction area and hazards will exist that are not normally present.  These hazards will change as work progresses. The contractor will do their best to provide advance notice of changes that will directly impact resident’s access, but due to the nature of construction, this may not always be possible.

September 9th – Late October 2019

Project Overview

The Main Street improvements involve the completion of curb, gutter, and sidewalk along Main Street from the small traffic circle to the railroad tracks.  These improvements were designed with the other work completed in the area two years ago but were delayed for utility work by the Timnath Landings development to the east.  The new road section will have 2 lanes, a bike lane on the east side, combined parking/bike lane on the west side, and curb, gutter, and sidewalk along both sides.

Construction plans for the work are available HERE.


    • Connell Resources, Inc. will begin work week of September 9, 2019.
  • September 2019
    • Installation of water and sewer connections for Timnath Landings
  • October 2019
    • Installation of curb, gutter, and sidewalk
    • Connection of residential sidewalks and driveways to street improvements
    • Milling and paving

Emergency  Service Impact

  • The road will remain open with two way traffic being maintained when possible.
  • Daytime, one-lane flagging operations will be needed for most of the work.


For questions, please contact Matt Taranto at 970-226-0557 or via email at mtaranto@tstinc.com.

Updates will be posted at Timnath.org/MainStreet