The Town of Timnath received a suspicious phone call today from a gentleman who identified himself as “John McKensie,” an employee of the Mega Millions Lottery in Colorado.  He went on to say that someone had “put this number (970-224-3211) on the back of a scratch ticket” (likely as a “second chance” type drawing), but that they had not put their name on the ticket, and he was trying to notify them that they were a winner.  Of course, no one in the offices would have used the Town’s number for this purpose and, when the caller was told that we’d check with the officers in our police department, he promptly hung up.  The caller ID showed his number as: 530.687.5071.

The Timnath Police Department wants to remind everyone that scams can be very clever and creative!  They will typically start with something that seems credible and or possible but eventually, they will ask for some type of personal information.  Please, do NOT give ANY personal information over the phone to someone you don’t know.  Should you receive a call like this one and suspect it’s a scam simply hang up.

Be careful, be safe, and don’t become a victim of scams like this one!