The Board of Larimer County Commissioners and Town of Timnath formally entered into an Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) for cooperative planning in the Growth Management Area (GMA) around the Town of Timnath.

The Timnath Town Council unanimously voted Sept. 22 to approve the IGA. Larimer County and the Town of Timnath have been working together for more than a decade to craft this agreement.

“The Town Council is excited to finally have a formal agreement in place between the Town of Timnath and Larimer County,” said Mark Soukup, Timnath’s Mayor. “This agreement will positively shape the town’s future and allows our organizations to work together in a coordinated way. We are also grateful for the Town of Wellington’s support in this matter. I’d like to express my gratitude for the hard work and effort by both the Timnath and Larimer County staff to get this done.”

An IGA is an agreement between governmental organizations, and the Larimer County -Timnath IGA will manage urban development and growth in the area around Timnath in a deliberative, thoughtful way.

“This is really great work. It really does consider the long-range needs of the Town of Timnath as well as residents in the unincorporated areas,” said Larimer County Commissioner Tom Donnelly.

Such agreements allow for logical, coordinated planning and development where government service coordination is needed. The agreement also promotes cooperative, coordinated planning efforts by Timnath and Larimer County along with input from residents.

Highlights of the IGA are cooperative planning between Timnath, Larimer County, landowners, and residents; establishing a Cooperative Planning Area, how the town and county will manage development applications and annexation policies; and improvement to public infrastructure within the area.

“I’d like to say well done,” said Larimer County Commissioner John Kefalas. “This is an example of a very positive and collaborative effort.”

For this agreement, the recognized Timnath GMA boundaries are Larimer County Rd #52 to the north, I-25, and the City of Fort Collins to the west, the Town of Windsor to the south, and Larimer-Weld County boundary line to the east. The agreement also establishes a Cooperative Planning Area between the two entities, allowing the county to lead collaborative efforts with Timnath and the Town of Wellington on approaches for areas which are not planned for urban development and/or urban services and where there may be intent to conserve lands but where development may have an impact on future town growth patterns.

Larimer County already has several successful cooperative planning IGAs in place with the cities of Fort Collins and Loveland, and the towns of Windsor and Berthoud. The Town of Timnath also has IGA’s with the City of Fort Collins, the Town of Windsor, the Town of Severance, and Weld County.

For more information on the Larimer County-Town of Timnath IGA visit, or contact Lesli K. Ellis, Director of Larimer County Community Development, [970] 498-7690, [email protected], or Matthew Blakely, Town of Timnath Community Development Director, (970) 224-3211, [email protected].