In 2018, Timnath residents ranked public safety as the most important issue and the construction of a Police Department facility as the number one ranked building project.  Since 2018, Town staff has been working towards building a new police facility and increasing staff levels of the department to support the Town.

At February 25 meeting, Town Council voted to approve the findings from the police department organization transition assessment completed by McGrath Consulting Group. The assessment included a departmental cultural evaluation and provided information related to the Department’s ability to staff, schedule and train officers. It also included suggestions for consideration as the Department continues to develop best practices and appropriate service levels for Timnath.

The Larimer County sheriff has noted that a perpetual assumption of current contracted service is not feasible from the County’s perspective. With this assumed change in circumstances taken into account, the Department and staff have conducted additional research and are recommending the Town grow the department to a target 20-officer count by 2021.  The Department and Staff are confident that this projected personnel strategy will ensure that the Department is adequately staffed and equipped to meet the demands of the community as it continues to grow.

The presentation, given by interim Police Chief Terry Jones can be viewed below.

2020 State of the Timnath PD Presentation 2/25/2020