Springtime brings warmer weather, and with it, a great opportunity for pet owners to give their dogs some more fresh air during the day—this means you’ll likely have neighbors leaving their dogs outside more frequently.

Sometimes, this can lead to more barking and/or incidents with other dogs. Here’s what to do if you have an issue with an aggressive or loud animal in your neighborhood.

  • Before contacting the Town, we recommend talking to the dog’s owner. Often the homeowner isn’t even aware of the problem, and most people are grateful to know about the issue and will try to resolve it themselves.
  • If you do need to file a complaint about an aggressive or barking animal, contact Timnath Code Enforcement —not the Larimer Humane Society.
  • To file a complaint, make sure you have a description of the animal and location information. It’s helpful if you can describe the dog’s approximate size, color and breed.
  • Once a complaint is received, please allow 7 to 10 days for the code enforcement officer to contact the pet owner, and for the owner to try and remedy the situation. Any additional complaints received within that time frame will not be acknowledged as new complaints.
  • If you would like to report an incident between two animals that resulted in an injury to one or both of the animals, please contact code enforcement—a code enforcement officer will also contact the Larimer Humane Society.
  • For an incident with an animal that resulted in a serious human injury, contact emergency services first. After receiving proper care, if you would like to report the incident, contact code enforcement, who will initiate the report with the Police Department and Larimer Humane Society.

Remember, per municipal code, it’s required that all dogs be licensed with the County. For more information on how to license your animal, visit Larimer County’s website.