Note: This is a major improvement project being performed on a section of road that experiences very heavy traffic volume – especially during peak commute times in the morning and the late afternoon.  Delays should be expected and alternate routes are advised.

Project Overview

Phase 4 of the Harmony Road Improvements plan involves the reconstruction and widening of Harmony Road from Three Bell Parkway to Latham Parkway (AKA: WCR 13).  The new section of road will have 4 lanes, bike lanes, a raised landscaped median, and intersection improvements at Club Drive & Latham Parkway.

The majority of the roadwork will occur in Spring & Summer of 2019, however due to required work on the Lake Canal crossing that must happen before irrigation resumes in Spring 2019, there is some work that must occur during the winter.  Traffic impact should be minimal during the winter, but delays should be expected.


  • Winter construction will begin on January 7, 2019.
  • January 2019
    • Tree removal between Club Drive & Latham Parkway. This removal will require one lane traffic with intermittent traffic stops of up to 15 minutes.
    • Setting of concrete barricades at the Lake Canal crossing (east of Club Drive) that will require one lane traffic & intermittent traffic stops.
    • Clearing of trees and vegetation from work area
    • Construction on extensions to the Lake Canal crossing – north & south side of Harmony Road
    • Utility relocation
    • Road embankment work & fill import along the south side of Harmony Road
  • February – March 2019
    • Continued work on Lake Canal box culverts
    • Installation of traffic signals at Harmony Road & Latham Parkway
    • Completion of embankment on south side of Harmony & prep for paving in the spring
  • Spring – Summer 2019
      • Pave new lanes on south side & shift traffic.
      • Remove current road surface, construct medians and north road embankment
      • Landscape medians

Emergency  Service Impact
The road will remain open with two way traffic being maintained as much as possible and daytime, one-lane flagging operations, will be needed for some work.

For questions, please contact Eric Fuhrman at 970-226-0557 or via email at

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