Water is an important resource in Colorado, that’s why it’s especially important to do our part to conserve water, especially during the hot summer months. Conserving water isn’t just helpful to the environment, it can also help save you money. Here are five easy ways you can conserve water during the summer season.

1. Audit your Appliances:

Unless your dishwasher is leaking or a sprinkler head is stuck, chances are it’s been a while since you’ve really looked at the appliances in your home. Even if things are working properly, it’s important to look at all the items that use water every few years and check for leaks and make any repairs or fixes you find. It also may be time to invest in high-efficiency appliances that use less water.

2. Water Correctly:

Avoid outdoor watering in the afternoon when temperatures are at their peak. If you avoid using excess water during peak hours, you can help ensure that the Fort Collins-Loveland Water District can avoid higher rates and ensure everyone gets the water they need. Instead, opt to water during the mornings or evenings. Not only will you use less water this way, but it’s actually better for your plants to water during these times.

3. Perform a Sprinkler Audit:

Making sure that you are watering efficiently is crucial to conserving water. If you’re a customer of Fort Collins-Loveland Water District you can sign-up for a free sprinkler audit to learn more about how you can adjust your watering schedule, which sprinkler heads are clogged or need replacing, and how to make controller adjustments. Sign-up for your audit online.

4. Xeroscape your Yard:

Replace water-hungry turf in your yard with natural plants and grasses. These plants are used to the harsh weather we receive in Colorado, so not only will they use less water, they take less maintenance that those plants from other regions.

It’s easy to make the transition with the Garden In A Box. This program is offered through the Fort Collins-Loveland Water District, and customers can save on the total cost. Learn more.

5. Lifestyle Changes:

Making a few small changes throughout the day can really make an impact. Take a shorter shower, turn off the water while you brush your teeth, and only run your dishwasher when it’s full (or you run out of plates). Everyone plays a part in conserving water. If you’re looking for more ways to save water, money and live more sustainably view the Fort Collins-Loveland Water District resource page.