We’ve been hearing a lot of questions from you about specific issues and concerns in Town. We want to be sure we are answering your questions. One big question is about the traffic lights over I-25 on Harmony Road. During rush hour there is a lot of traffic traveling east and west on the overpass. So, why are the lights timed the way they are?

The traffic signals at Harmony and I-25 are owned, maintained and controlled by the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT).  This includes the lights at the on/off ramps and the lights at the intersection on the west side of Harmony at the Park-n-ride entrance in Fort Collins.

CDOT creates a timing plan to coordinate these signals to facilitate traffic flow. However, their primary focus is to make sure traffic exits I-25 without the offramp backing up to the interstate and creating any unsafe conditions.

While the traffic light at Weitzel & Harmony is owned and maintained by the Town of Timnath, due to this intersection’s proximity to the I-25 ramp lights, at the request of CDOT, it runs the timing plan provided by CDOT. In order to stay in coordination with the ramp lights, the Town has limited ability to change the timing without CDOT’s input.

Due to increased growth in the area, CDOT completed a timing update study last month, which is great news since the previous timing study was completed in 2015. From this study, CDOT determined new timing was needed, and this went into effect on February 19, 2019.

As part of the I-25 expansion project, CDOT will be making improvements at Harmony.  The improvements will include a third northbound off-ramp left turn lane that will go west to Fort Collins, restriping on the bridge deck for three westbound lanes and storage for cars turning south onto I-25.  This work is planned for the fall of 2020, and additional information will be provided as we get closer to this phase of the project.