As the weather gets warmer, residents and visitors are spending more time exploring our area’s open spaces and trails—a great way to spend a summer afternoon. However, in order to protect our natural areas and residents’ property, it’s important to know what is private land and what is a public space, and how to steward those public spaces.

Never jump a fence or go off a marked trail. Fences and gates mark private property and jumping over them or crawling under them is considered trespassing—an infringement on landowners’ rights and a criminal offense. 

If you’d like to explore outside, consider visiting Timnath Reservoir and the surrounding open space, or the Timnath Community Park. Remember, when exploring a natural area, stay on the trail—this way you can ensure you’re not entering private property or causing any damage to the environment.

If you’re unsure whether a particular area is public or private, just ask.